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you can order a mCommerce website from us in a color of choice.

Start selling products from any smart phone!


The exceedingly rapid growth of smartphones, in comparison to the overall cell phone market, makes Apps and Mobile Websites
critical, must-have marketing tools. By now, all the “savvy customers” have already migrated to smartphones, and the rest of the market is following right behind.

In 2011, smartphones outsold conventional low-feature cell phones. And as this shift continues to take place, the use of Apps and Mobile Web browsing will become the new standard by which YOUR customers engage with the brands and businesses they patronize.
Don’t simply hand over your customers to your competition – just because you fail to recognize how important Marketing Apps and Mobile Websites are. Take note: consumers are quickly adopting to new mobile standards, and marketing to your customers is forever changing right before your eyes.

Every business, professional, and organization – must have their own Marketing App and Mobile Website to compete in today’s highly mobile marketplace.

Why Mobile Website?

We can help. We offer an extremely affordable App &  mCommerce enabled Mobile Website package that will provide you with your very own iPhone App and a Mobile-enabled Website that’s accessible to all types of smartphones, as well as desktops, laptops, netbooks, and tablets like the iPad.

Your choice of Colors!

Your logo banner image at top!

We will install and setup a mobile mCommerce website for your business or services!


Click here for The mCommerce Sample site

what you get:

1) Mobile optimized website

2) We setup and install website on a new Hosting account or your own Hosting Account!

You pick Domain name, search at!

3) You get a redirect script, we can add it to your local main website so when anyone goes to your site from a mobile browser it will automatically redirect them to your new mobile website!

4) We will add 10 products for you. you will be able to log in and add products on your own or you can order additional product setups!

5) we will add up to 3 videos for you

6) we will add non product pictures pictures for you

7) we setup Click to call you, From phone or from skype

8) Google maps t0 your business and directions to your business from whereever the client customer is standing!

9) QR Codes

10) Tap to email you

11) Tap to go to your facebook and/or facebook fan page

12) Tap to go to your twitter page

13) Tap to map you!

14) Contact page with a contact form to send you a message or

tap to contact you from phone, facebook, twitter, email, map you

15) Testimonials page – we can add upto 4 testimonials with pictures, you can as many as you like!

16) Location map page

17) About you page

18) Alert page – sign in from anywhere and post alerts, Sales, Events, etc,

Will display upto 10 items, older items get pushed down and off page!

19) Product page to display and sell products – Digital and real products!

19) Paypal enabled  – you have the option to add a plugin to add more payment gateways!

20) We brand the site for your business or service!

21) Hosting on

Ask for details!

22) we can setup and install on your own hosting account if you like

Ask for details!

Click here for The mCommerce Sample site

OK to have your custom mobile optimized mCommerce mobile website setup and installed on your own private secured hosting account:

Click to order below. Or contact us at for questions answers!


Please note that there are no setup, installation or design fee’s!

Contact us for price!


You can also create this mCommerce website yourself with our wordpress “All in One” template theme package for $29.95 by simply going back to the menu and clicking on WP website templates!

Please note that the WP All in One Template package does not have the mCommerce plugin to add the store to your mobile site! It can be purchased seperatly!

You can renew at the end of the year if you choose to stay with our service!

We provide Strategic Marketing in the age of Smart phones.
We believe in our Product and Service. Our Apps have been tested over and over again with
Astonishing Results. Local Businesses reported that our service has helped them
to increase business and services

We take pride in helping you get
Real 24/7 Eposure on peoples Smart Phones and Promote your Business. You
get a Marketing App that is Dedicated to your Business.
You agree to the
Terms of Service when ordering!