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Are you looking for a Website that Resizes to any Device’s screen or browser!

Your home Computer screen, Laptop, Tablet, Netbook, Android devices, iphones and ipads  and more!

And can be added to any Smart phone, Tablet, iphone, ipad as an app with your own icon!

We offer “The all in one solution!”

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Imagine having one website just like this one in your choice of color.

Imagine your customers and clients are viewing your website on many differant devices such as

mobile phones, iphones, Blackberries, Andriod devices, Laptops, Netbooks, ipads,

Tablets and many more devices all of diferant sizes!

The website resizes to fit into social sites!

Add your site to Facebook Fanpages and more!

imagine everyone viewing you on Social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Myspace, Twitter and many more.

Now You can get the exposure you need!

You found your solution!

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The All in One website solution from Ferdiworks.com.

Imagine that you can even log into an admin area and edit the site anytime you like on the fly!

This One website solution App that your viewing right now serves as a Demo site and Sample site of what you will get and in a color scheme of your choice, customized with your own graphic images and videos!
We have many color themes to choose from!

This area can be used to introduce your business, or to put anything you want, like an email subscribe or text message subscribe form, pictures, video, hot buttons, news updates, and more. We have many color themes and can match your online website!

Add us to your home screen. And have people add your website to there home screens too!
iPhone: Tap the + button and click “add to home”
Andriod: Bookmark this page first, then go to your home screen and long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu and click “Shortcut” then “Bookmark”, then choose our bookmark.

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How Would You Like to Get A Custom Local website, Mobile Website, Facebook App, Ipod App For Your Business?    The all in one solution!
If you have been doing any research you will see that everyone is using their mobile phones to browse the web, yet hardly any businesses have a mobile-compatible website!

Don’t simply hand over your customers to your competition –
just because you fail to recognize how important Marketing Apps and Mobile
Websites are. Take note: consumers are quickly adopting to new mobile standards,
and marketing to your customers is forever changing right before your

Every business, professional, and organization – must have their
own Marketing App and Mobile Website to compete in today’s highly mobile

We provide Strategic Marketing in the age of Smart phones.
We believe in our Product and Service. Our Apps have been tested over and over again with Astonishing Results. Local Businesses reported that our service has helped them to increase business and services


We take pride in helping you get
Real 24/7 Eposure on peoples Smart Phones, Facebook and the internet plus Promote your Business. You get an All in One! website that is Dedicated to your Business.

The exceedingly rapid growth of smartphones, in comparison to
the overall cell phone market, makes Apps and Mobile Websites critical,
must-have marketing tools. By now, all the “savvy customers” have already
migrated to smartphones, and the rest of the market is following right


In 2011, smartphones outsold conventional low-feature cell phones and in 2012 smart phones became the #1 web browser for internet searches worldwide! Is your business on mobile searches?


This shift continues to take place, the use of
Apps and Mobile Web browsing will become the new standard by which YOUR
customers engage with the brands and businesses they patronize

There are very few services that will build a Custom website and App for you without charging an arm and a leg. Luckily, we are one of the few that can custom design your mobile website quickly and affordably.

Customized For You

We provide free installation  on your mobile website, We can be your webmaster and update it frequently for you.

We will use your logo and branding. We can customize the colors of everything. We can add text where you like and change the images on each tab.

We will work closely with you to make sure that your mobile website looks and feels just how you want to portray your business.

We allow 3 revisions for free to make sure you are totally satisfied. We promise you will be thrilled with your new mobile website!

You can do it yourself also:

when looking at a website option open a web browser and play with the window size to see it the site you want resizes! Our site resizes to any screen or browser size!

You have options to get your mobile websites  and app’s:

1)Have us here at Ferdiworks.com Custom Design and
install your mobile website and app just like this site in various color themes!

2)Do it yourself by ordering website templates from us here at
go back to menu and click on Mobile Templates!

Your Answer:

A) Order your Custom Local website, Mobile Website, Facebook App, Ipod App  “The all in one solution!” From Ferdiworks.com

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